Free Windows Admin Tools

Free Windows Admin Tools 6.0

A product that provides you with a set of 12 powerful administration tools

Free Windows Admin Tools is a suite of utilities you can use to perform various operations on the computers connected through a local area network (LAN). It is intended to facilitate the work of network administrators, that is why it is not the kind of program you would expect any kind of user to understand. However, it is still quite easy to use provided you have some notions of what a network is about.

It has a straightforward interface with three main tabs: Manage Computers, Manage Network and Settings, which are arranged according to the frequency of use. It is a good idea to start by adding workgroups or domains as well as the computers that you want to administer. Luckily, the program allows searching the selected domain or workgroup for the desired machines.

Once you have taken the initial configuration steps, you can start managing the network. In this regard, the program lets you control a specific computer remotely, view an inventory of the installed software, as well as access running tasks and processes. Other operations include visualizing disk space usage, and managing local users and groups.

Likewise, you can use the program to monitor laptop battery power, execute a command through a remote prompt and view the currently logged-on user. Moreover, you can turn off or wake a whole group of computers as a single operation. Last but not least, it is also excellent that you can create groups of computers to facilitate their administration, which has an incredible impact on work efficiency.

All in all, Free Windows Admin Tools works just as described by its developers. Therefore, it can certainly ease the work of network administrators, without requiring them to spend long hours on reading endless documentation. Fortunately, as the name of the product suggests, it is absolutely free to use. Yet, it supports managing up to 10 computers, which means that for larger numbers of workstations, you will probably need to find another product.

Pedro Castro
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  • Straightforward interface
  • Wide array of operations
  • Allows managing computers in groups


  • Supports up to 10 computers only
  • Not intended for the common user
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